Thursday, February 24, 2011

Californication Day 3: It's so... Universal

After stomping the whole day in the rain in LA, I was transported to Chatsworth by Carmen to spend the night with Ate Ems and husband Erick.

Ate Ems is an old friend. Our history went 10 years back or maybe more. Geez, I hate Math! We used to live together in one house when I was in college that time and she was fresh from college trying to build a career for herself as an Accountant. We had a lot of memories together... both happy and sad... and we surely miss each other. 
My 3rd day in California was spent in Universal Studio. We did not waste time. As soon as we opened our eyes the following day we hit the shower... get dressed... and had breakfast at Chowking - my 3rd Pinoy meal. wink.
Then... off to Universal Studio - armed with an "annual pass"! Ate Ems got me an annual pass hoping that I will be back again and use it. I wish!

There... we strolled down Wisteria Lane
Checked out the ruins left by the War of the Worlds...
Greeted some familiar faces...
[grinned with the Grinch]

Rubbed some elbows with friends...
 [explored with Dora]
[chatted with Donkey]

It was indeed a great day to spend with an old friend whom I missed so much.
[Ate Ems finally handed me over to my TSS Sistahs - Tes and Betchai.]
[Photo Credit: Doods]

From there... I was met by my TSS Sistahs and was transported to San Diego where we had our Italian Dinner and meeting with another Filipina and her Family.

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George said...

This looks like a wonderful day. I think I would really enjoy visiting this place.

betchai said...

miss you Ruthi, hope you feel better, it is always joyful to read your CA vacation experience. miss Chowking :)