Monday, February 14, 2011

Not the Valentine-Kind-of-Guy

Happy Valentine's Day. What else should I say? It's just another ordinary day. Nothing significant except that I got Hubby a box of heart shape Dove chocolates. And last night, he got me 4 pieces of strawberries dipped in chocolates. Well, his daughter made it [I know] and he just asked a couple of pieces to give me. LOL
Last year, I got him a card which I just picked out from the grocery. This year, I didn't have the time to do it so... I am just writing this letter... which I bet he will not be able to read anyway. hahaha. But what the heck! Who knows? Miracles happen all the time.

So here goes.

My Dearest Sweetest,

Happy 4th Valentine's Day.

This is the 4th Valentine's Day since we became "WE". Nothing extra ordinary and I am not really expecting that you are going to do anything special today. I know you are not into it. Or shall I say, you are not the "Valentine-Kind-of-Guy" that is why it's no big deal. hahaha But that's okay. I understand. 
Well, you are not like any ordinary guy who will do everything to come up with everything "hearts" for VD. It's not that you don't care... you are just not affected by the whole commercial aspect of it. wink* It is not so "you". But then I want you to know that I just like the way you are. 
Deep inside I know you are thinking... you are wondering... and you are overwhelmed with the whole VD thingy. It just doesn't make sense why you need to show how much you love me on this particular day when you try your best to show how much you love me everyday. Are you surprised? Yes, I know how hard you try and I do appreciate it even if I am being mean to you sometimes. I am just being me. LOL. 
Well, just like any VD, we'll just celebrate it like any ordinary day. And don't feel bad if I got you something and you didn't get me anything.It's okay, your love for me is more precious than any diamonds that you already gave me [and planning to give me]. And don't worry because, you have next month to make it up for me. LOL.

Love you much,

Your Sweetie.

Happy Heart's Day, everyone. Keep on loving.


Lamielle here! said...

Ang sweet nyo amiga. Happy Valentines and Enjoy! :)

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ruthie...

Nakikibasa lang po. Kamusta na?


Soy said...

Hi Ruthi, i so love strawberries dipped in chocolate. that photograph you posted makes me salivate now. how are you? i haven't posted for a while. facebook has taken over, you see. i see you're still busy around here. take care! x