Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Mommy Whisperer

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My cousin called me the other day asking me what is the best formula for babies. I don't know why but of all people, she was asking “ME”! Why me? I am not a mother. I didn’t even have the chance to give birth. And I am not even qualified to prescribe baby formula. I am not a pediatrician.

But then, I think she trusts me more than her pediatrician. I believe she will even feed her baby "latte" if I told her so. [LOL] Just kidding! It’s not as if I would do that. Of course I love her baby too. She is the apple-of-my-eye. And I love little Alyson to pieces.

Well, since she has confidence in me, the only thing I could do is to google it and - viola!  I found this cool website called, where you can find all baby and mommy products - from diaper to maternity clothes… from baby formula to mommy vitamins and nutritional snacks… from “green” baby to “sale” for mommy.

So I told my cousin about this cool website and advise her to buy on for all her and Alyson's needs. She immediately went online and surf the net and guess what? She was so happy. She now calls me "the Mommy Whisperer". LOL. Next thing I know  “like” it in FB and became a fan of Bright Beginnings on Facebook.

Well, I really don't know about the "Mommy Whisperer thingy" but I am as happy as she is.

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