Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Californication Day 1: The Touchdown

Yes... I am still not over it. I still have hang-over of my California vacation and whether you like it or not... I will write about it. So please bear with me. LOL. And as I have mentioned in My Californication post... "I will talk or share about my trip in parts." So here goes...

I almost didn't make it. Three days before my flight to LA, flights at the Portland Jetport were all cancelled due to snow storm in the East Coast. I was already freaking out. But in God's grace the snow storm tapered off the night before my flight. I left Portland at 10:15 AM and as Continental Airlines took off... I looked down below and was awed by the powdery white snow covering Maine. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Too bad I had my camera in my carry-on bag overhead and didn't get the chance to take photos of the beautiful sight 30,000 feet below.

So I made it to LAX on time. My cousin Joey was monitoring my flight online [cool, huh] so she was updated. When the aircraft finally touched down, I finally felt a relief. It was a nice flight... except for the "pretzels" that the FA served us for the entire 6 hours flight.
At Salu-Salo Restaurant with my dearest cousin Joey whom I have not seen for more that 10 years.

I took the Flyaway Bus from LAX just as I was instructed and my cousin Joey and Javier picked me up at the Union Station. From there we drove straight to Salu-Salo Restaurant so I can have a descent meal. And yes, after 4 years from being away from home... I finally felt had my first taste of home -
sizzling sisig...
and adobong kangkong. Then, I instantly collapsed on Joey's bed after my first taste of home.

This is one of 'MERICA Posts Series. A regular post dedicated to my HOME away from home.

Read more about my 'merica HERE as I share my experiences in this land of amazing People, Culture and Traditions.


George said...

It sounds as if your California visit got off to a wonderful start in spite of the snow storm before you left Maine.

Zenserly said...

ah, those smiling eyes that never fail to make me smile too....happy you had such a great time from day one sistah, tsk..the last phrase here makes me hungry:)