Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's Blueberry Season in Maine

Today, my friends and I decided to go for a joy ride. We didn't really have a drawn plan where to go. We just decided or shall I say... I decided to drive around and tagged them along. And what a fun ride it was when you are with some friends. We had lots of laughs and photos to share.
Ripe and ready for picking.

Our first stop was the Willowbrook Historical Museum. But I will have a separate blog about it soon so I will not discuss it now. This is all about Maine's Blueberry and only about Maine blueberies.
Yes, Maine is also famous for blueberries and they are now ripe and ready for picking. We went to one of my favorite orchards in Limerick, where I usually bring friends who want to do something for the first time in Maine. It was very timely because our friend from the Philippines who is now based in Massachusetts came for a visit. She did have a great time sampling all the sweet, ripe and plum blue babies.
 Me and my friend Lerna from Massachusetts busy picking blueberries.

Maine's fertile soil and good weather make blueberries happy and sweet and yummy that is why they are plenty here. Yes, there are lots of wild blueberry bushes around... by the road side... in the trails... in the backyard but going to the orchard is more fun. 
Lerna in front of the Orchard Barn.

Blueberry picking is fun because it gives people a chance to be one with nature. I believe that blueberry picking should be a sports. LOL. Well, it was tiring to say the least but it's fun. It builds muscles because picking them and putting them in your mouth basket straight from the tree calls for more repetitions using your biceps and triceps. Well, eating them while picking works on the jaw muscles too. wink***
Still busy choosing the big ripe ones.
My friend Medy who is my regular companion in PYO activities
since I came here in Maine.

Blueberry picking is fun because some orchards offer other stuff like blueberry donuts, blueberry jam, blueberry pancake and what-have-you blueberry. Those kind of blueberries are only available and ready for the picking in the orchard. You can't pick those in the wild. You know what I mean? Well, yes, I'm lazy to make those yummy food made of blueberries so buying them homemade is the way to go. But if I can pick blueberry jam or blueberry pancake from the bushes... why not? LOL
Having fun and enjoying it every minute of it.
Tired but happy and satisfied.

Picking your own blueberry in the orchard is fun because there are other things to do aside from picking blueberries. In Libby's and Sons, they had  picnic tables where you can sit and enjoy your blueberries while listening to live music. And there are other attractions for the kids too like the photo stand where you can stick your head and have a memorable photo that will bring you smile in the next 10 years or so.
My 2 friends horsing around and feeling like kids.
More to pick.
Libby and Sons U-Pick has over 40 acres of fun and yummy-for-the-belly fresh fruit treats for the picking. Today is the blueberries... next time will be raspberries and are you ready for it? Apples!!!! Yup apple season is right around the corner and you guess it right... my friends and I will be one of the first ones down the orchard.

For more information on what you can do at Libby's like them in Facebook so you can get updates on their recent activities at the Orchard. And hope to see you there on the Raspberry picking day.

Photo Credits: Thanks Medy for all the photos. And thanks for the company.

Check out the links below for more Information about Blueberry Picking in Maine.
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And here is the list of some of the U-Picks Orchards around Maine where you can go to. Click on the link below for more info and direction to get to the Orchards.
1. Libby and Sons U-Pick, Limerick
2. Circle B Farms, Caribou
3. Brightberry Farms, Dixmont
4. Goss Berry Farm, Mechanic Falls

NOTE from the Author: THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST for Libby's and Sons U-Pick. The Author post this as her way of supporting Maine Local Businesses. And she is not compensated in any way by writing this whether in cash or with blueberries.


This is a SPECIAL POST for MAINE Attraction... a regular Blog Series that features everything and anything about my home - Maine.

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