Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Old Maine

Before we went Blueberry picking last weekend, we went down to one of Maine's memory lanes in Newfield - The 19th Century Willowbrook Village.

With my friends at Willowbrook

Since we left the house already late that afternoon we didn't have enough time to really explore the place so didn't bother to buy a ticket to see the Museums and just took some photos around the place.
The Amos Straw Country Store that sells old fashioned candies.

However, last fall, I got the chance to see this place when I got lost looking for an apple orchard. LOL. And I took a lot of photos of the place.
 The Village is so beautiful during this time of the year, isn't it?
 The Schoolhouse taken from the second floor of the old house.
Old gas lamps... I find them so pretty.

The 19th Century Willowbrook Village is a small restored country village/museum that represents what the Maine's way of life used to be. It is located in Newfield about 2 hours drive from Boston.
 The Old School house taken from the print shop where other antique pieces are exhibited.
 The Schoolhouse
The Mill by the pond.

It has two historic houses and barns where they kept and exhibit different antique pieces from ordinary household stuff to trade and agricultural tools to horse-drawn sleighs and carriages.
 Old Wheels
 Old Printing Press
Old Carpentry tools
Old carriage

It also has an 1894 Carousel that is yes... operational. Kids can have a chance to ride it on certain schedule.
The Carousel

The village is open from the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend up to Columbus Day. It is open from 10AM to 5PM, Thursday to Monday. It is free to roam around the village and take photos but to be able to see the exhibits in go inside the historical houses, admission fee is charged.
The Bandstand and the place where they usually have their
Farmer's and Artisan Market every Saturday.

I still have lots of photos to share so I will surely have a part 2 [and 3] of this Village. So I hope you will look forward to it. As for my friends and I we called it day after I bought a piece of their famous locally made "sharp cheese". That one is to die for and one good reason for you to check out this place.

For direction on how to get there... Click HERE.


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betchai said...

these are very awesome and beautiful photos Ruthi, very artistically captured as well, so so love them.

Anonymous said...

ruthie, willowbrook is a really nice place. right around the corner from where i live. ive taken brandon there many times. he likes the ice cream shop the best. and, doing the scavenger hunts. the carosel that is there has quite the history. the only steam operated in the state.. its well worth the trip. im glad you enjoyed it with your friends....