Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm So Excited! And I can't hide it!

Yay! I think I already figured out how I can get my domain back. Yes, I am talking about my Ruthi's breathingSpace website still.
If you are passionate about something, you will understand why I cannot just give up on it. RBS is the love of my life - bloggingly speaking [there is no such word I know but hey, this is the bloggosphere I can do what I want here, right?]

Yup, I think I just forgot that I do have "smarty pants".

So yes, I am wearing it now. It's a little tight at the hemline but I think it will fit well with some thigh and leg workout. wink***

Whoohooo.... I am so darn smart. LOL

God Bless Blogging! Looks like I will not lose all my domains in the first place. How great it that?

Will give you update soonest.

1 comment:

betchai said...

oh wow, Ruthi, so happy for you!!!! I am glad you could keep some of your beloved sites, I know, though we may not update them most of the time, but we keep them more for the meaningful memories we have and poured in them :)