Wednesday, August 21, 2013

June Birthday Party 1

Yes, this is a very very long overdue post of my Sweetest's birthday party. As I have mentioned in my previous post, I will have two separate posts for that June birthday celebrations so I can share how it turned out.
So here we go. This year we [my stepdaughters and I] decided to make it simple, small and intimate. It was so small that there were only 6 people who attended, including the birthday celebrant. B was not there because he was with his mother.
As usual, the girls made an awesome cake for their father. It was a blue fondant cake with hand-painted flower design.
Aside from the fondant cake, H baked some chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. They were delishhhhh. I had 3 of them in one sitting. shhhh.
Compared to last year's celebration, the desert table is small and simple too. I just made a fruit bouquet as the center piece of the table.
While, I arranged the veggie bar in the center of the dining table that served as center piece too. I put the veggies in individual desert stemmed glasses that served as containers.
Having the salad bar in the center of the dining table was as good way to serve the veggies. It was more convenient for us to fix our salad that way when it is at arm's length.
As for the banner, I didn't make a long one that says "happy birthday". I just make letter cut-outs of my Sweetest's name and laid them down on the desert table for a change.
AND yes, I made his favorite bacon wrapped scallops for appetizers.
I think this is the best party we done so far because we didn't do a lot of preparation compared to last year's.

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betchai said...

what a very colorful party, you all are so creative.