Monday, August 19, 2013

What Summer?

I'm on a countdown now. This is my last week of summer and work starts next Tuesday. Where does summer go? Didn't even feel it.
Camping it is.

Anyway, last weekend I went camping (yes, finally) with my boys and hubby's friend. It was not like the kind of camping that I was used to. No, we didn't go up Byron like we do for the past 5 years. We just camped out at Hubby's friend's property in Newfield.
Where the bumming-out happened.
It was just like bumming-out-camping where I just watched Monk the whole day. Yup I just did a Monk Marathon and I loved it. I don't really watch TV very often and having nothing to do at the camp just gave me that opportunity to watch the DVD I bought years ago.
Relaxing and bonding with Tony Shalhoub

And yes, I also spent uninterrupted hours on my kindle just stopping to get something to munch or take a quick trip to the bathroom.
My Kindle Fire taking a break and giving Monk the center stage.

Took a little photo walk around and saw some wild berries that are not yet ready for the picking.
 The dirt road
 Bugs are bugging. Poor beans.
Wild flowers
Wild berries along the dirt road.

I'm not the RV-kind-of-camper. I am more of a  "hard-core" camper. And when I say hard-core I mean "100-feet-away-from-bear-trap-kind-of-camping"camping. 
 Keeping my camp chair handy when I get tired of laying down

But last weekend's camping was not hard-core enough in the real sense of the word because if there was a bathroom at my convenience, "that ain't hardcore!" (Hubby's word, not mine.) As for me, it was just your-regular-grandma-camping where the most important part is - not making your bed! Woot! Woot!
My messy room and I love it.

Sweetest's friend's off-the-road property is very convenient because it has a nice veggie garden where I picked out some fresh summer squash and tomatoes for supper.
 Hubby checking the garden.
Ready for the picking.
Fresh summer squash and tomatoes stir-fry, anyone?

Well, even if it was not my-kind-of-camping, I still love it because... I didn't have to do a lot of things except cooked dinner.
Steak and chicken wings

When we are camping, I can make Hubby do things that he doesn't normally do at home. Like making breakfast and washing dishes at the same time. AND more importantly, he won't be bothering me for simple things he needs because he can find what he needs all by himself. Really strange. LOL
 Watching Hubby making breakfast while I was still in bed watching Monk.
Spying on him as he went down to the well to fetch a pail of water. La-la-la-la

As for my Sweetest and his friend... they just hanged out, drank some beer, trying to figure out how their new toy [game cameras] work and yes, did some target shooting.
Yes, that's me shooting some empty beer cans.

And they made me shoot target too.

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betchai said...

"AND more importantly, he won't be bothering me for simple things he needs because he can find what he needs all by himself. Really strange. LOL"--- you are funny, thanks for giving me the laughter today :)

glad you were able to camp and enjoy!