Thursday, August 15, 2013

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Oranges

There are several reasons why you need to consider eating oranges besides being a rich source of vitamin C. An orange is a citrus fruit that is popular worldwide for its nutritional value. One orange is made up of more than 60 flavonoids and over 170 various types of phytonutrients. These are stout compounds that are well-known for their therapeutic traits.

Several researchers have discovered that consuming oranges is quite beneficial to consuming vitamin and mineral supplements. As is the case with other citrus fruits, oranges can aid the body in absorbing nutrients. Rather than drinking an orange juice, it is highly recommended that you take a whole orange since several nutrients, including minerals and vitamins are lost during the processing stage. Besides, eating a whole orange provides your body with fiber which is essential in the digestion process.
Listed below are some of the health benefits that you stand to gain by opting to eat whole oranges over processed orange juices:

1.       Aids in Preventing Cancer
Several studies have discovered that citrus fruits can help in preventing and fighting cancerous diseases. In a study that was carried out by an Australian scientist, it was discovered that eating citrus fruits, for example, oranges minimizes the odds of pharynx, stomach, larynx and mouth cancers by at least 40%. Oranges are not only rich sources of vitamin C, but antioxidants that have been linked to decreased formation of malignant tumors in the colon.
2.       Prevents Lung Cancer and Aids in Respiratory Wellness
Oranges are made up of large quantities of a type of carotenoid commonly referred to as beta-cryptoxanthin. In a research that was printed in a journal entitled “Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention” in the year 2003, it was stated that foods that are rich in beta-cryptoxanthin such as oranges helped in promoting respiratory wellness in addition to minimizing the odds of acquiring lung cancer by at least 27%.
3.       Rich Source of Vitamin C
Vitamin C provides the body with antioxidants that are responsible for getting rid of free radicals that can damage not only the cells, but DNA. A single orange can provide you up to 116 percent of vitamin C. In addition to eliminating free radicals from the body, vitamin C is essential in boosting the immune system. Vitamin C has also been found to aid in lowering blood pressure as well as reducing lead quantities in the circulation in addition to enhancing eye wellness, thereby minimizing the odds of developing cataracts.
4.       Rich Source of Antioxidants
Vitamin C is essential to the wellbeing of the body since it provides the body with antioxidants that are necessary in fighting various diseases. Antioxidants minimize the chances of developing cancer, cardiac ailments and premature aging.
5.       Boosts the Immune System
The high amounts of vitamin C in oranges is also thought to aid in the boosting of the body’s defense system, which is essential in preventing a myriad of diseases such as colds and flus. Common skin conditions like acne and blackheads can be prevented by boosting your immune system.
6.       Great Source of Dietary Fiber
Oranges are also excellent sources of dietary fibers. A single orange can provide you with at least 13% of dietary fiber, which is essential in aiding the digestive system. If you are looking for weight loss foods, consider eating at least 2-3 oranges on a daily basis as it helps in harmonizing the metabolism, reduction of cholesterol levels and blood sugar.
7.       Balancing Blood Sugar
If you are suffering from diabetes, you need to consider taking oranges as it is an excellent of fructose which is essential in balancing of blood sugar.
8.       Rich Source of Potassium
Besides vitamin C and dietary fibers, oranges are also excellent sources of potassium. Potassium is an important ingredient that the body should be supplied with since it aids in lowering blood pressure in addition to enhancing cardiac wellness. Then again, potassium aids in sustaining proper bone density. Lack of potassium has been associated with a number of bone ailments such as osteoporosis.
9.       Acts as an Anti-Inflammatory Agent
Several studies have indicated that oranges can aid in providing your body with anti-inflammatory agents that are essential in treating conditions such as arthritis and cancer. There are also studies which reveal that the anti-inflammatory agents provided by oranges can aid in minimizing ailments like rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and osteoarthritis.
10.   Cardiovascular Wellness
Oranges contain an element known as herperidin which aids in minimizing blood pressure on top of minimizing cholesterol levels in the body. Then again, the anti-inflammatory agents provided by herperidin alongside vitamin C aids in promoting cardiac wellness.
11.   Stomach Wellness
Finally, the other reason why you need to consider taking oranges is stomach wellness. Several studies have discovered that oranges aid in treating stomach disorders such as diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. There are also other studies that reveal that oranges can be helpful when it comes to treating stomach ulcers.
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