Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Gregoires went picking

Last Wednesday my Sweetest didn't go to work and since it is still vacation for me and B, I decided to plan a blueberry[slash]raspberry picking for the three of us. Good thing my Sweetest didn't really have a plan to go anywhere that day so he said yes.

We went back to Libby's and Son U-Pick in Limerick because it was shouted out in their facebook page that raspberry picking is open for the day.
back to the orchard

We came a little late because my Sweetest wanted to finish his coffee first. So when we got there the raspberries were all picked out already. But I insisted to see the bushes hoping I would be able to find even just half a pint of raspberries. I just need to have raspberry. It isn't that hard to ask, is it? [wink*]
my Sweetest and B getting ready to be transported to the blueberry/raspberry fields
the view of the raspberry field from top of the hill

So yes, I could see from top of the hill that the raspberry field was already deserted. But when we got there, there was one old lady patiently picking some berries. I decided to go to the farthest end of the field where the bushes are all low and smaller.
the only soul I found in the field combing the bushes for some sweet ripe raspberry

And yes, I found some ripe ones enough to fill a half a pint container. And I was happy.
there you are
and there are more to go back to

At the other side of the field, my boys were busy picking blueberries. My Sweetest and B are not big fans of raspberries but both are fanatics of blueberries so they really went with me on a different mission.
my boys picking some blueberries
Hubby picking the ripe ones

So yeah, we had fun at the orchard and enjoyed our berries.
the pick of the day

A pint of blueberries and half a pint of raspberries... mission accomplished. The Gregoires are happy.


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