Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two Birthday preparations in June

This is a very very very late post because I was preoccupied with some important things and yes, a little lazy to blog. There I admit it. I have no alibi... I am just plain lazy. Who could blame me? I am still suffering from post-auto-renew syndrome. LOL.

Anyway, last May was my Sweetest's birthday  ? th and last June was B's 12th birthday. The girls and I organized the party as usual. They were both simple, small and intimate - just family.

My Sweetest's Birthday bash was just small cookout.
B's 12th Birthday Party was a MineCraft theme.
 I will surely have a separate post for each event with tons of photos. Promise!

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betchai said...

love that fruit kebab, oh, so artistically presented!