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Hen Night Venue Inspiration

Every wedding is different because every couple is different, and while a blow-out, booze-fuelled hen night might be perfect for some brides, for others it would be their worst nightmare. It isn’t always easy to come up with fun hen nights that aren’t centred around clubbing and drinking, but it is most certainly possible, and needn’t be seen as a poor substitute for the most popular hen night format. So, brides-to-be, what are your other options?
My Weeding at the Lighthouse years ago.

One fantastically sophisticated component of a hen weekend is a prim and proper afternoon tea. You can all dress up like ladies in your finest pastel twinsets and pearls and enjoy an elegant tea comprising finger sandwiches, pastries, mini cakes and cream scones, not to mention all the tea and champagne cocktails you could ever want. Many hotels now offer afternoon tea, or head to a specialist tearoom for the full authentic experience.

This next one is fabulous as it gets everyone fully relaxed and in the right frame of mind for the big day. A spa weekend is the perfect way to unwind and get the wedding day body of your dreams with a range of treatments selected specifically for the bride and her party for a tailor-made weekend of pampering. Choose from massages to relieve pre-wedding stress, get a spray tan for the much-coveted bridal glow or get a manicure for perfectly groomed nails.

Hen party boot camps are also becoming increasingly popular. You and your party can book yourselves in for an exclusive weekend with a trainer who will get you all looking your best with a series of exercises designed to get you looking fit and toned for the biggest day of your life. You all want to look good in the photos, so a weekend of detoxing, healthy eating and exercise will get you well on your way to a photographer-friendly body.

You could also try a creative hen party activity. Pottery painting could be a great way to let your creative side out by designing plates, bowls and even piggy banks ready for the kiln. A makeup artistry course can give you all wedding makeup inspiration and teach you tips to take with you even after the big day. Alternatively, a cookery course could see you rustling up some sweet treats such as macaroons, cupcakes and brownies to expose your inner domestic goddess.

As you can see, hen parties don’t need to be about getting drunk and suffering with sore feet in a hot, crowded club. There are lots of chic ways to have fun and still remember it the next day, and your friends will thank you for the lack of hangover!

About the Author:
Carla Brown has fallen in love with the spa ever since spending a weekend getting herself and her bridesmaids pampered before her dream wedding


betchai said…
I so agree, hen party does not have to be defined by booze as there are so many ways to have fun, and i like what you said about having fun here such as a week of eating healthy with all the other girlfriends :)

oh, so love your wedding picture, Ruthi, such a picture of happiness!!

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