Friday, August 23, 2013

June Birthday Party 2

Two weeks after my Sweetest's birthday celebration, we had B's 12th Birthday Party. This year I did a MineCraft Theme party.
Just like last year's Dino Video War theme party, I made his birthday invitation which I sent online this time since we don't have much time to mail them anymore.
This year, instead of candy bar I made "S'mores Bar" so we can make our own s'mores.
I got 3 different sizes of marshmallows.
And a propane lamp to toast the marshmallows. The kids enjoyed making s'mores and so did my Sweetest.
And just like every birthday party he had in the past, I made personalized party favors.
I made some "Microwave S'mores Kits" for the guests to bring home. I found something like this in Pinterest. But I made my own version.
I put together graham cracker, Hershey's chocolate bar and marshmallows in a plastic favor baggie and tied it with a string and a special instruction card in MineCraft theme too.
I also made some personalized chocolate candy bar wrappers in MineCraft Theme (same as his invitation card) and wrapped them in Hershey's chocolate bars.
Then I revised the writings on the back of the wrapper. Notice the part where you see the "Ingredients". LOL.
AND I was able to commission my Sweetest to make me a watermelon jug to put the lemonade. I supposed to make the watermelon juice or a concoction of such but I didn't have time anymore so I just put lemonade in it.
B's sisters made The Crawler Cake. As always, they come up with something really awesome and yes, something that B can relate to.
Of course we need candles to blow. I didn't want to ruin the cake so I came up with gumballs in mason jars and put the candles in it so B can blow them to make a wish.

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