Friday, September 13, 2013

My Take on Online Dating

Years ago, I happened to have so much time in my hand that having 5 or 6 active blogs of my own were not enough to satisfy my thirst to express my nagging thoughts and desire to earn extra income online. So, I did some blog moonlighting stints on the sides for a virtual friend's blog Bizarre Marriage.
These blogs are basically about Online Dating and my personal experience in Online Dating. As many of my old friends here in Blog-o-sphere know, I found my Knight-in-Shining-Armor not riding a white horse but surfing the world-wide-web... and the rest is - the publication of this blog.

Here are some of the blogs I published about Online Dating. Hope you enjoy reading them.

The Wake-Up Call
* a lifetime occupation - Posted @ My Refuge Online

Pre-Online Dating
1. The Last Train and Class Reunions
2. The Late Bloomer
3. The Modern Day Quest
4. When You Forget to Smell the Roses
5. The Thing of the Past and the Present
6. Confession of an endangered Spinster (Part 1) - Posted @ My Refuge Online
7. Confession of an endangered Spinster (Part 2) - Posted @ My Refuge Online

Online Dating 101
1. The Introduction
2. Acceptance
3. The Mission
4. The Vision
5. Getting Started
6. The Seeker
7. The Age Factor
8. The Big Plunge

Post-Online Dating
1. I thought it would be easy!

When I finally got a day job my blogging time suffered a big blow so as my 7 blogs' PR. But my passion and desire to write about my nagging thoughts did not change a bit. I only struggle on time management. So Maybe I will continue writing about Online Dating here to continue what I started. What do you think?

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betchai said...

a picture of happiness, you and Mikey. Like you, I also have to do a lot more work here, but then, I also find out, I also end up having more time here to do something I could look back and be happy about, I guess, I no longer spend so much time simply talking (or was it gossiping back then?) to friends on the phone, not doing anything when I reached home from work, because we felt entitled for being tired after a day's work, but here, am surprise, I don't feel entitled feeling tired because I still have lots of work to do, cooking, chores, etc etc, but I am not tired, because I hike, explore, write, blog, because of all of these, I feel energized and no, I do not wish at all to go back to having a maid, I enjoy my life more now the way it is, that is enjoying work work work, which I simply look at them now as fun fun fun! I did not have that outlook back then :(