Sunday, September 22, 2013

Falling for Maine Fall... all over again!

This is the official start of Fall season. And this is my favorite season of all.
What's not to love when you see the white steeple stood tall a midst a breathtaking red and orange scenery,
 ... when the railroad is lined with orange and yellow and golden leaves,
 ... when the river banks are bursting with orange and red and yellow trees,
... when the red barn stands out against the orange backdrop,
... and the trail is an explosion of orange and gold hues!
 Fall is indeed the most beautiful season in New England.
 I will never ever get tired of fall.
 I will never ever get over its beauty to behold.
 I will never ever fail to be awed by its amazing sceneries.
And I will fall in love with fall over and over and over again.

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betchai said...

ph, so refreshing and so beautiful photos Ruthi, if only we have fall colors in summer, spring wildflowers in summer, then, i would be the happiest :)