Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PYO Apple

One of my favorite seasons here in Maine is the Apple Season. It’s yummy. It’s crunchy. It’s sweet. Summer is almost over and Apple Season came early this year. It is now time to go out and take a trip or two to the orchards and PYO [pick your own apples] is the way to go. It's easy. It's fun. And it's yummy! [If you know what I mean.]
I took a trip to the Apple Orchards with my friends. We had breakfast of apple cider donuts with cinnamon and sugar sprinkles and hot apple cider tea at the picnic table located near the farm store and gift shop while enjoying whatever seasonal event they had scheduled for the day.
Apple Ciders and Donuts are a great match.
Apple Cider Donuts are the best donuts around this time.

There are lots of orchards around Maine. People from all over the state and tourists alike come to the orchard to buy their fruits in season. It serves as a fun family activities that Mainers look forward to every summer.
Brackett's Orchard in Limerick
Apple Acres Orchard in Cornish, Maine
Libby's and Sons Orchard in Limerick, Maine

These orchards are open to the public for apple picking. People can pick the apples directly from the tree by hand... or with a special tools... and pay them by the pound. PYO is the best way to buy your fruits when in season because you can choose the fruit straight from the tree. Sampling them is a bonus since you can't do that in the grocery store. LOL
Picking apple straight from the tree.
Apple picking using a special tool.
These special tools for picking apples from the top of the tree are very handy
for vertically challenged people like me. wink**

Apple picking is not just the reason why we go to the Orchards. Believe me you, but there are lots of fun activities and events that your family can enjoy in the orchards aside from picking apples and eating them.

I enjoy... people watching...

I enjoy listening to live music...
I am so excited with the hayrides...
I like getting stuck at the apple maze...
I love to hear the laughter of the kids at play...
and exploring the orchard...
And maybe I would like to have my picture taken in one of those painted objects that has hole in it where you stick your head out.
Well, I don’t expect to get sick this season for I eat more than one apple a day now. Wink* But surely I will keep coming to get my apples from the Orchard until the season ends.

For more interesting places and orchards to go PYO, check out the following link:
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2. Libby & Son U-Picks Orchard
3. Apple Acres Orchard

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betchai said...

love those apples, and my favorite apple product is apple pie, hmmmmm, am getting hungry!! those apples look sopppp delish! i probably won't get sick too since i have one apple a day, well, and pear, and many more fruits, I am a fruitie! :)