Monday, September 30, 2013

Appetite Booster

I love to eat. Who doesn't? And with this kind of weather, eating is one of my favorite pastimes. LOL

I was craving for "atsara"... a Filipino side dish that my Dad used to make. It is made of green papaya with slices of carrots and bell peppers. It's one of my comfort foods that I miss so much.

But since green papaya is not readily available in our local store I had to dream about it instead. However, I'm good in improvising. So with the last batch of cucumbers we harvested from our garden I made my first ever cucumber atsara.
My new favorite relish. 
For the Cucumber Relish recipe... Click HERE.

I made about 7 bottles and they were all gone in 2 days. No, I didn't eat them all. I gave 4 of them to my friends. LOL.

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betchai said...

want one bottle :)