Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Few Minutes Bonding with Hubby

I came home from work today hoping that I could take an early nap because I didn't get enough sleep last night. Oh well, it was CSI: Miami night so hubby and I stayed up passed our bedtime.

As I drove our icy driveway, Hubby's truck was still there so I was assuming he was home. I heard the sound of an engine running by the shed outback so I knew he was there messing up with the snowmobile. And I was right. After a few minutes I heard the motor roaring and there he was cruising in the snow covered backyard.

I was already preparing for my beauty sleep when he barged into the bedroom and asked if I want to go snowmobiling. I was like… "are you kidding me?". I was bundled up in seconds. Well, he knows I love snowmobiling. It's as if, he was asking a little girl if she wants a candy.

I was cruising in the backyard.... at 10 miles per hour. Geez, my arms were sore so I was having a hard time maneuvering the big boy. After few minutes I gave up. Hubby then took over and we went around the woods to check some deer tracks outback.

For few minutes, I had fun with Hubby before he finally left for work. After he left... I did some Math... Snowmobile= $7,000.00; First Gear = $175.95; Gas = $2.96; Few minutes with Hubby = PRICELESS! Spending quality time with him is indeed something precious now considering that we seldom find time for each other due to our busy schedule.


Lamielle here! said...

Ang sweet naman ;) thats really good Sis. It is very important na my time kayo for each other kahit na busy pa. dyan nagiging mas strong ang bonding nyo ;)

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I never went snowmobiling but it sure looks fun and something I would do if I ever had the chance. I know what you mean about spending some fun time with the hubby--work sure gets in the way of that!

I never realized snowmobiles cost that much! Seems like a lot of money to me.

ruthinian said...

@Lamielle... Yes I agree with you Amiga.

ruthinian said...

@Karen... yes, work can really take so much of our time away from each other. and yes, snowmobile is really very expensive and it was bought about 4 years ago. it is more expensive now.

Tes said...

I've not tried the snowmobile, looks like fun! Would love to try it one day. You are right, time with a loved one = PRICELESS! Beautiful thoughts, Ruthi!

ruthinian said...

@Tes... you are right... snowmobiling is really fun especially if i am driving it in an open space like the frozen lake... i can go fast. and time with my hubby is really priceless considering his work schedule.