Monday, January 18, 2010

10 inches and adding

Ten inches of snow! Are you kidding me?

I woke up this morning to a white background again. Snow storm! I didn't have a clue until I had to get up and took my first trip to the bathroom.
I have not left the house since yesterday. I was officially on house arrest since then. I don't know. I am sick, maybe? I am sick of a disease called... laziness. I am sick and tired of this weather. I can't do much and I am too lazy to get dress and drive around.
On the lighter note... at least I have more time for blogging and updating my blogs... catching up with friends online... facebooking... crawling in bed... doing the laundry... eating... eating... and eating. There goes my one and only New Year's Resolution! Thanks to snow storm.
After breakfast which Hubby cut out this morning by the way, I had the urgency to check my phone. Unfortunately, I didn't even realize that I left my phone in the car last Saturday. So Hubby was forced to do the plowing job right away to get the phone in my car instead of staying in front of the TV watching his favorite channel.
This is Maine! Welcome to my world!


betchai said...

oh, i do understand why you have lazyitis, Ruthi, I remember when I was still in CT, whenever it snows, my friends don't go out of the house! Whenever I ask anyone to go out, they would reply, "are you crazy? the road is too dangerours and we can not drive far anyway because the traffic is bad because of all snow delay on the road!", so i would reply, "let us walk then", but no one wanted to walk with me, so oftentimes, I was alone then walking to the lake when there was snow storm since I felt crying whenever am alone inside the house ( was still single then).

Ruthi said...

@Betchai... seriously? You would go hiking in the middle of a blizzard? I bet it felt terrible. The first time I went out in the middle of a blizzard was when I went snowmobiling with hubby to get pizza. hahahaha. I thought it was fun then because it was my first winter.

Ryan said...

These shots are so cool.It looks like they are taken from a movie.Really a great job.

Ruthi said...

@Ryan... you think so? Thanks. These are actually at our driveway. Thanks for visiting.