Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Saturday Story

This fine and sunny Saturday morning, Hubby made me my favorite breakfast - bacon and french toasts drizzled with Maine maple syrup. It was just the perfect thing to jumpstart my day on this cold winter morning. And it was such a nice gesture from Hubby. But it was not like that a year ago.

So, let me tell you a story!


On Saturday mornings, I used to make us breakfast in bed. It was not really meant to be the typical romantic quote-and-unquote-with-matching-finger-gesture “breakfast”. It was just an ordinary breakfast in bed for lazy people like us.

Well, being able to lie in bed till noontime in my jammies feels like holiday to someone who wakes up at 4 in the morning to leave for work at 20 minutes pass five. [My side of the story.] And being able to lie in bed till noontime watching TV even if the shows are just paid advertisements is definitely a welcome change from a whole day pounding or sanding walls. [Hubby’s side of the story.]

Given both sides of the story, we got used to having breakfast in bed every Saturday to celebrate our “lazy side of the story”.

And like any ordinary story there is a climax and anti-climax to it. The climax… Hubby lies in bed and enjoining the breakfast in bed and the anti-climax, me making the breakfast in the kitchen. Being a wife, in this double standard society, it is my role to make breakfast and it is Hubby’s role to stay in bed and wait. Oh well, blame it to my bladder. I have no choice but to get up and take my first trip to the bathroom and yes, since I am already up and hungry I had to make breakfast. So it has nothing to do with the role issues I stated earlier. It was more on my bladder issue.

But Hubby after some threatening and guilt-inducing blackmail finally made breakfast one fine Saturday morning even if I already took a couple of trips to the bathroom and already facebooking. The first time he made me breakfast was not what I expected because he just went to the store to buy breakfast sandwich at Dunkin Donuts. But eventually, he began to give in to the idea that making breakfast for his lovely wife makes him a loving and romantic husband. And I really appreciate it.

And since then, we take turns in making breakfast and enjoy our only day of the week where we truly have time for each other.

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