Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Of freezing temp and loose change

I woke up to another freezing temperature this morning. It was in a single digit. Yeah, below 3 degrees! Brrrrrrrrrr.

Oh well, I can only whine and whine but that won't really help keep me warm. I live in Maine so it's normal. At least it’s not snowing. I will surely be pissed if I will have another auto body repair service for having another bad collision due to icy road. [Knock on wood!]
Since we have freezing temperature, I am not really surprised to see my cranberry juice which I left in my car last night… frozen. Great! Maybe I should turn the refrigerator off and just put all my food in a bucket and tote and put them in the snow bank. In that case I will be able to save on electric bill. hahahaha
And speaking of saving… I found Hubby rolling up some dimes this morning when I got home from work. Hubby always puts his change in an old wipes dispenser box. Eventually the loose change accumulated and the box instantly turned into piggy bank.

Today he rolled up 100$ worth of dimes and as usual I will bring it to the bank so I can change it into a dollar bill. Not bad huh!


"BUTTERY"fly said...

Turning the fridge off -- sounds like a good idea..haha

Have a good day!


Ruthi said...

@Buttery... I think so too but then no... you won't like the dear feasting on your food right? or all your food frozen even the eggs. i left my shampoo and conditioner in my gym bag in the car and i need to thaw them in the microwave just to use it. lol

Ruthi said...