Thursday, January 7, 2010

I know... I know...

This year, I’m planning to start dieting again.

I know! I know! I have mentioned about dieting many times before. And I have blogged about it too for the Nth time across my five blogs. I can’t help it. I do want to slim down. I have the drive. I have the momentum. And I have the desire. What I don’t have though… is time and perseverance! Oh how I wish I have the metabolism like other people who can eat like a truck driver but never gain weight.

I know! I know! I always have alibis. And I have a really valid alibi for not achieving the “hot body” that I so desire to knock my Hubby off. He is my Alibi! He always tells me… I love you for what You are and You are sexy in my eyes! Too bad, I believe him so!

I know! I know! There are lots of options that I can take to achieve my goal and lap-band the woodlands could be the future journey of my life to my dream figure. Or better yet, take the long and winding road of the treadmill and die in exhaustion.

I know! I know! I have promised myself that this summer… I will be with my cousin in Malibu. So... let's see if I will be clad in sexy bathing suit or long gown!


My Public Secrets said...

hehehehe! I have the same problem, I've said it too many times but it is really hard to do. I wish you goodluck Amiga for the Malibu trip...once your with your friends or family, the tables will be lined with goodies and treats! (hard to resist) hehehehe I am sure you can do it and don't feel bad about your body because your body is great :)

Ruthi said...

@Lamielle... I know Amiga. As early as this time my cousin is already listing down all the food she misses that she wanted me to cook for her. hahahaha. syempre titikin ako at ako ang magluluto eh. hays.

Tes said...

Oh my, I too, gained several pounds during (and after?) the yuletide season! I need to be back on the thread mill, but can't seem to find time... will be rooting for that itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny polka-dotted bikini of yours! Go girl! Surprise yourself (and us!)

Ruthi said...

@Tes... OMG... me and my big mouth. Now I am pressured to do something with my body. Let's see if I will be surprised.

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