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My Dearest Sweetest... an open letter

When my Hubby and I were still in a long distance relationship… I used to send him cards every week. Even if we chatted online religiously and talked on the phone frequently… I still sent him cards with sweet messages that I wrote to tell him how much I missed him.

When my Hubby and I got married… I am now used to just writing checks for bills… filling up forms… and doing his paperwork.

This is the 3rd New Year that we are together as husband and wife. And we have only a couple of hours left before the year ends. I am writing this letter to tell him how much I miss him… even if he is just a foot away.

My Dearest Sweetest,

We only have few more hours left and a new year will begin. I wish we could spend those remaining few hours of 2009 cuddling while watching CSI and waiting for the countdown. But then, we are spending it like any ordinary nights… ME – multi-tasking [watching TV, facebooking, blogging and chatting with Japol] and YOU – snoring away to dreamland and too tired to even take your socks off. But then, it's ok at least I can write this letter without you bugging me and asking me what I am doing every 5 minutes.

This is our 3rd New Year together and so far we are still holding on and going strong. This year has brought the best and the worse in us. We both rejoiced and were grateful for the best times we had this year. And we struggled together to beat the worse moments just the same. There were times that we fought over petty things and there were those moments when we fought together against the odds. We did have a lot of misunderstanding but still we never fail to understand each other and always ready to forgive and forget.

Sweetest, I want to take this chance to tell you how much I love you.

I love you not because of the sparkles that those diamond jewelries that you gave me bring… but because of the sparkles that I see in your eyes when you look at me.

I love you not because I enjoy breakfast in bed… but because you try your best to make me breakfast when I am too lazy to make one.

I love you not because you fold your own laundry and leave mine in the basket… but because you want me to save time on folding clothes and don’t want me to re-do mine because you know I have a special way of folding them.

I love you not because you take care of the trash and the mice trap after several times of procrastinating… but because you always wanted to tease me and find me cute when I am angry.

I love you not because you give me flowers every chance you got or shall I say after my nagging… but because you still give me flowers even if you don’t believe it’s important, you still give me because you know I love them.

And more importantly, I love you because
you are such a hard worker, both figuratively and literally. I'm sorry if I whine a lot every time you asked me to rub your back at night because it hurts. I would have never known how hard you work until the day I insisted on going with you and helped you out with a few stuff. I only spent a couple of hours working with you and didn't even do the hard stuff but my whole body was sore. It was then that I realized that you were really hurting when you asked me to rub your back. That few hours of spending time with you at work and observing you work made me realized how hard your work is. Observing you at work brought me to tears. That is why... since then, I tried my best to rub you back even if I am too lazy to do it.

Sweetest, thank you for keeping up with me... for putting up with my craziness... and for loving me despite my shortcomings.

I love you!

Your Sweetie

Happy New Year, Everyone. Hope Hubby will be able to read this when he gets up in the morning.


Awwwww,,ang sweet naman ;-) i like it! ;)
Ruthi said…
@PS... hahaha.. sweet ba? thanks
Sweet sya :D! I am sure na touch hubby mo sa message. hataw kc cya eh..giggles! Alam mo Sis we have the same situation, long distance din kami ng hubby ko before we got married.. God bless Amiga and All the best for 2010 and counting... :)
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betchai said…
you are so sweet and funny, ruthi. i wonder what his reaction was when he read your letter?
sterndal said…
hi ruthi!

happy new year :)
Ruthi said…
@Betchai... he was teary eyed and he hugged me like he never hugged me before.
Ruthi said…
@Sterndal... Happy New Year to you to Amiga.

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