Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hubby's Baby is back!

After 6 months of painful separation and cruel longing, Hubby’s baby is back. I saw in his eyes how happy he is once again. I saw in his eyes the same glow that used to be there. I saw in his eyes the same old affection that he used to have for his baby.

For 6 long months I know how much he missed his baby. I know how much he missed washing her body. I know how much he missed filling her up. I know how much she drives him crazy. And even if he found a new baby to replace her... he was still thinking about her.

Now they are back in each other’s arms. They are back to where they both belong – to each other. They are a handsome couple again. Soon they will be travelling together again... hunting together again… creating special memories together again… while I take the back seat.

I cannot be jealous. They have been together before me. Their relationship has passed the test of time. They have gone through a lot of good and bad times. I cannot be jealous of Sierra because as a wife… I have to understand.

Hubby’s baby is back. His GMC Sierra truck is back. As I said before… old trucks don’t die… they just get hauled away. Now, she is back. With a new motor… she is ready to drive him crazy once more.

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Soy said...

You're so cheeky. I thought for a moment it was a human baby! LOL