Tuesday, September 30, 2008

thinking of a new career

I always love fashion. Who doesn’t? Almost all women [and some men] I know are into fashion. And I am a woman… to the max… I really love fashion. And to prove it, I designed some of the clothes I wear. I don’t only mix and match but I recycle old clothes to make new ones. That is why I enjoy watching Runway Project. I love how those fashion designers come up with unique fashion style and ideas.

A career in fashion design was what I always wanted to take had I not been a bit confused in the past. When I took up college fashion designing was not popular and not considered as a career. But now, Fashion Designing is one of the most popular and significant career for people who wanted to express their creative talent. And good thing there are lots Fashion Schools that can cater to that important career decision.

At Fashion-Schools.org your dream of becoming a fashion designer is just a click away. The website has lots of important topic like fashion schools – where you can find all the list of fashion schools… fashion degrees – that can provide you viable information on the specific degree in fashion that you are interested in… fashion career – that will help you take the right career path… and fashion articles – where you can read all about the latest in fashion design and designers and tips on pursuing a career in fashion. So if you are thinking of taking a new career… try Fashion-Schools.org and let them guide you with your career decision.


Soy said...

My fashion sense is a lot to be desired for so maybe I should do some learning, shouldn't I? hehe

Soy said...
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ruthinian said...

fashion is a personal taste... so you don't have to learn it in a formal way unless you are really interested in taking it to the next level. i believe we Pinoy have a good taste and I believe you have a good taste.