Sunday, September 21, 2008

my driving skill sucks

I am still not feeling well. After my major disaster at DMV, I am taking things easy for now. I am still not happy about the whole road test thingy. After all the pressure I put up with my driving practice, I still flunked my first road test. And I definitely am not taking everything with a shrug. After all I do need my driver’s license. So, I’m back to my driving practice in our drive way.

Contrary to what people say… parallel parking is not the worse test I have to deal with. I passed that test with flying colors. The drill sergeant [a.k.a DMV driving instructor/officer] was impressed with my parallel parking. I did a great job with that. But apparently, that is not all there is to driving. I need my backing ability… my speed control… my over-the-shoulder rear view… and what not.

I am totally pissed… at me, that is. How could I have been too confident? How could I have been too complacent? How could I have been so stupid! Oh well, those scrappy thingy in life is inevitable so I got to deal with it. And though I consider that failing in that road test as not my mainly good season so far I still believe that there is hope. Ain't that the spirit or not?
I already mailed my request for a new re-exam schedule so I have enough time for my driving practice.

I just hope I get it this time. And I hope I will not have the same drill sergeant to give me the road test. She scares me so.

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