Saturday, September 6, 2008

scrapbooking newbie

Just like some of the stay-at-home wives/moms and bloggers that I know, I also dipped my hands into digital scrapbooking just recently. Yep, that is now the trend I guess because almost all my friends here in the blogosphere have tried scrapbooking and some of them are really into it that they are making big bucks out of designing headers and logos using digital scrapbooking techniques.

Having visited lots of scrapbooking websites and blog sites I have realized… why not? Why should I not try it myself too? So, here are few of my first creations using Scrapbook Fair.

Hubby and Brandon with the 250 lbs. 14-pointer buck last hunting season.

My two beautiful nieces, Jade and Lara.

Jade and Lara

My Nephew... Toby, the Pogi

Well, I cannot promise that I will have a Scrapbooking Saturday because that will really require more of my precious time. I just want to do this on my free time [as if I really have one] or during those times that I need to divert from blogging because if I will not do that, I will get drained. I just want to do this to keep my creative side active as well. Happy scrapbooking to all my scrapbooking friends out there.


Joy said...

That is a fantastic idea indeed! And then even more wonderful if you can get the scrapbook printed and use as a gift.

A Pinay In England
Norwich Daily Photo
I, Woman

Soy said...

I tried it once but it didn't work. I just don't have artistic flair and I'm too impatient to even finish one. I know when it looks beautiful though, except that I don't have the mind, and finger clicks for it! :)

Yours are so pretty!

MommaWannabe said...

Hey Ruthi,
I've been thinking of trying it out too.Great work for a newbie!
Kapereho ko pa name niece mo ha- Jade:)

By the way I have something for you here:

Drop by when you have time;)