Friday, April 2, 2010

on keeping safe

I had a not so good day today despite the balmy weather. It was in the high 60s. The clear blue sky was an indication of a warmer day compared to the past few days. The warm breeze was soothing to the soul. And the cheerful laughters of the kids that filled the playground seemed like music to my ear. It was almost a perfect day until one of the kids under my care hit his head hard on the monkey bar pole and passed out on the ground for few seconds.

I was freaking out but I need to contain myself because emergency calls for it. I am trained and certified in First Aid and CPR but whatever I learned from the training seemed to go down the drain. I thought I was going to pass out myself. But no... I need to be strong because the kid had an accident under my watch. Good thing that I was able to remember the first few basic things to do when faced with such incident. I was able to contained myself and kept the kid conscious until the 911 call was placed... the school nurse arrived and the ambulance responded. In less than 30 minutes me and my staff were tailgating the ambulance on Route 202 on our way to the hospital.

Of all places... we thought that the playground is the safest place for the kids to play. But no... a lot of accidents happen in the playground. And yes... when there are kids involved... accidents do happen not only in the playground. That is why I never go anywhere without my first aid kit when with kids at work. And good think I never go anywhere without my presence of mind. It saves me from worse case scenario.

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