Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Off to the monkey bar again

So the kid who had an accident last Friday went to school yesterday. He was up and running again after Mom dropped him off together with his younger brother in school. He was active again as if nothing happened. How did he do it? I was jealous of the kid's energy. I wished that I had his so I can do more when I get home.

And so we had to go out again in the playground that morning because it was indeed a lovely day. It was only a quarter before eight but the temperature is already in the 60s. There was no way I would keep my kids in the cafeteria playing board games or building puzzles and legos. What they need is to build up their muscles.

When we were there in the playground the incident of last Friday came back as soon as I saw the same kid running towards the monkey bar again. As soon as I saw that I ran as fast as I can and holler at him... you don't think you want to smash your head again on that pole! And he turned around and just laughed at me and went on.

Hmmmm... kids!

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Unknown said...

Oh never underestimate kids' energy. LOL! You sounded like you have been enjoying the good weather. Nice!

Have a great day Ruthi!