Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reach Destination Safe and Unharmed

My Friend Linda is adventurous. She is the most adventurous among our peers. Just recently, she called me and asked me if I want to go with her [again] for a long drive to Arizona to meet up with our other friend Marissa. I really wanted to go and see Marissa but I was not too crazy about the long drive since we will be cruising in her 2001 ford escort that once got us stranded in the middle of nowhere due to water pump failure. Good thing a Good Samaritan passed by and helped us get Phoenix auto repair fixed our car quickly and easily. Whew!

Until now, I was still traumatized by that incident. But that is beside the point. I have work and taking a week off from work is not possible even if it is spring break. I have responsibilities and I cannot turn my back on the kids under my care so I pass on this would-be-a-happy-get-together-with-crazy-friends whole week vacation.

So my friend Linda and her colleague pushed through with the planned vacation. And as a good friend, I reminded them to contact Phoenix auto repair just in case something happen on the road. Well, it’s the most reliable auto repair shop online and around Arizona… so she knows that what ever happens she will reach her destination safe and unharmed.

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