Saturday, April 3, 2010

is it all about the eggs?

It's Easter and as a tradition... I need to give something... egg [in shape but not necessarily in taste]... something colorful [but not necessarily a crayon]... something religious [but not necessarily about God]... something bunny [but not necessarily a live rabbit].

Is Easter here in the US all about the gifts? Is it all about the chocolates? And is it all about the eggs? Well, maybe not. Maybe for some it is all about the giving and not the receiving. Maybe it is all about the generosity of the person giving and the grateful hearts of the ones receiving. And maybe it is all about the meekness of the rabbit or it's symbolism. And on the religious aspect of it. I still believe it is all about the anticipation of the power of love.

So here are my Easter thingies for Brandon and the girls.

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Unknown said...

I have the same egg chocolates to be given to kids. Later we're going to egg-paint and egg hunt. Then later in the afternoon will go to the church!

Happy Easter to you dear and to the hub! Hope you have a blessed one!