Monday, July 28, 2008

raked up over blueberries

Last Sunday we went blueberry picking again. It’s summertime and summer means blueberry season. Hubby found this secret place tucked behind the thick woods along the ATV/snowmobile trail down the dirt road by the brook.

It was the second time we picked blueberries. The first time was just a test run, so to speak. Hubby has a certain obsession with blueberry rake. When he accidentally found that secret blueberry field he searched online for blueberry rake and bought right that very minute a rake about 4 inches in size for $42 (including handling and shipment). I was freaking out. He was worse than a “kid” in a candy store… or worse than me in a “shoes” store. OH... men!

And while he was waiting for the rake to come in the mail, he bought some materials from Home Depot and made himself a blueberry rake out of wood. I know! I know! I know exactly what you are thinking. I was thinking… “What the heck? You shouldn’t have bought that $42 rake anymore since you can make it yourself.” Oh well, I know I will get this answer… “That one coming from the mail is better than this one I am making.” That’s why I didn’t say it anymore. End of conversation.

The wooden blueberry rake that Hubby made.

The $42 blueberry rake that Hubby bought online.

The upside: I have blueberries on my cereals every breakfast for at least a couple of weeks until I puke. And a whole lot more for blueberry pie, blueberry cakes, blueberry muffins, blueberry crisp, blueberry smoothies and I can cook up another post for each one of them too. But I know I can't complain now because these blueberries are wild and organic and they are good source of anti-oxidants but I am already dreaming about blueberries too.

My breakfast for two weeks... and perhaps for another couple of weeks to come.

And the downside: I had to eat them alone because… hubby doesn’t eat blueberries! [He is just crazy about picking them and not eating them] Grrrrrrrr!


PinayWAHM said...

Oh my goodness...the husband here and the little one both love blueberries...only for a few days though.

Kakatuwa naman your husband kasi loves picking and not eating them. Oo nga you're left eating them until blueberrie come out of your ears....hehe...jokes lang.

But like you said...they're very healthy.

Thanks for the visit...and the comment.


Len Lambert said...

I like blueberries when they are cold, Ruthi. It must be nice to go blueberry-picking. I always see signs of fruit-picking here in our area but I have never ever done anything like this yet. Maybe someday.

Anonymous said...

hi ruthi, i get a big laugh. i thought those who loves to pick would love to eat them too :) . that's good you like blueberries, it is indeed rich in anti-oxidants.

yes, finally i now know how to make comment here :) .