Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lovers in Paradise [The long over-due honeymoon in Canada: The Next Level]

We reached the US-Canada Border at Milltown Avenue, St. Stephen, New Brunswick a quarter passed eight that foggy Monday morning of July 7th. It was the exact date of our wedding anniversary. It did not take us long to cross the St. Croix Bridge that connects Maine U.S.A. and New Brunswick, Canada. The queue going to Canada was much shorter than that of the opposite lane going to US mainland. I immediately brought out our passports for inspection to the guy at the toll gate and we were ordered to proceed to the Immigration office at the right side of the road for further processing and questioning. Everything went alright and off we went to the next leg of our journey to Nova Scotia. And from there we took Route 1 all the way to Moncton after a couple of stops to use the restroom, ask directions and eat lunch. From Moncton we merged traffic to Route 2 to reach Amherst, Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia-New Brunswick boundery.

From there we travelled another 3 hours (more or less) of seemingly endless road amidst a lush woodland of pines, maple and birch trees. The air was warm and dusty. Tomtom [our GPS device] was confused and giving wrong directions. Hubby was impatient and bitchy. I was cool and pretty. One thing I learned about this year-old relationship… when Hubby is bitchy, I should remain calm [or pretend to be] so I won’t get him going. That was why when Tomtom was screwing up [because apparently we still need to install software to get it updated] Hubby was fuming on poor Tomtom… and I remained poised. But still I am fond of Tomtom because it talks just like any GPS navigating systems, it gives instructions and warning that kept me awake and amused the entire trip.

Poor Tomtom

After a total resignation to our fate on the road, we finally reached our destination tired and starved. At long last, Hubby was able to take a rest from driving. But still Hubby was not happy because the Chalet reserved to us was not what we were expecting. It has no air-conditioning system and with the kind of temperature Nova Scotia had that time, the chalet seemed to be a huge well-furnished oven. Oh well, we learned a big lesson then on… never trust what you see online.

Our Chalet.

Relaxing at the porch our our Chalet.

The amazing view of the Licomb River from our Chalet.

Anyway, the surrounding landscape, the calming sound of the running river and chirping birds, the sumptuous gourmet meals, the use of the hot tubs, the Liscomb River cruise and nature hike that went with the “Fall in Love Again” package compensated whatever short-coming Liscombe Lodge had.

The Liscomb Bridge.

The connecting tunnel going to the Chalets.

The connecting tunnel from the side going to the Liscomb Lodge other facilities.

We enjoyed our stay at the resort despite some of Hubby’s complaints especially the power hike. Good thing I have been running-jogging-walking for the past couple of months or else I may not enjoy the hike. Other than the bugs, I really had a good time trekking the Liscomb River Trail because it has a nicely paved gravel trail.

The Liscomb Trail.
Liscomb River.
The Look-Out which sits on top of the trail over-looking Nova Scotia woodland.
The Salmon pond at the Liscomb River which we found toward the end of our hike.

After the 9-mile hike of the trail we went straight to the Marina for our scheduled cruise. We love the cruise of the Liscomb River. It was a bit chilly that late afternoon but the view were breathtaking making the moment really romantic.

The Liscombe Lodge Marina.

Fisherman's boat achored by the bay.

Hubby and Me enjoying our cruise.

After the cruise, our special “Lobster Dinner” was delivered in our chalet for us to enjoy. It was the last night of our stay in the resort and we love the pampering.

The Appetizer: The Green Salad with special Dressing

The Appetizer: The Seared Scallop with creamy white sauce and Cucumber and Chili Relish

The Entree: Steamed Canadian Lobster with buttered veggies and baked mashed potato

The Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake

And of course, the Nova Scotia white wine.

We left the resort right after breakfast and reached the US-Canada Border around 2 pm. We were so glad to be back in Maine and happy to know that the price of fuel went down a couple of pennies. And that was a good news to us. We reached home a bit late that night. The following day, Hubby and I feasted on our wedding cake which I kept on the freezer right after the wedding reception. It was a tradition. The top layer of the wedding cake was kept on the freezer for the whole year and will be eaten on the first wedding anniversary of the couple.

Our Wedding Cake.

It was yummy as the first time we shared it. And it did bring back the memory of our Wedding at the Lighthouse.

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