Saturday, July 19, 2008

a weekend with Steamer

We had a big storm yesterday that caused Route 114 to close down due to the fallen trees and electrical cable wires. But today is a very nice day. You know that kind of day after a storm, when the sky is still gloomy? Well, the over-all ambience is not that too blissful either. Brandon, Nana and Grandpa left early for their scheduled trip to the animal farm. And staying and bumming at home is not an ideal weekend activity. So, Hubby and I decided to check out the 43rd Clam Festival at Yarmouth.

Steamer, the Clam with the "hot" fightfighters of Yarmouth.

Big Wheels

The amazing Fire Truck of Yarmouth.

Waiting for the Parade at the 43rd Yarmouth Clam Festival.

Well, as expected I had my usual “fried dough and lemonade” and Hubby had “fried clams”. I’m not too crazy about clams but I’m crazy to see Steamer, the Clam. And just like any fair, it’s crowded and parking space is expensive too. We checked a lot of craft booths but didn’t buy anything. Had a few pictures of the event and went home 50$ poorer. Gosh, that was the most expensive lunch we ever had so far not to mention the fuel that we used going up there. Good thing it’s warm and sunny at Yarmouth and that compensated for all the trouble of going up there.

By the way, I drove the car to Yarmouth and back. And not a single nitpick from Hubby.


Soy said...

Yes, the firefighters look hot, don't they? And that lady standing in the middle of the road looks hot, too! ;)

nice said...

exactly,the lady in the middle of the road is definitely smokin hot!..wonder if she is still available,hehe.joking here...good to see u mare..kaw ha,di na kita mahagilap kahit sa umaga dito sa and baby misses u..

tx sweetie said...

HI Ruthi,
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