Friday, July 4, 2008

fireworks in my imagination

Just like last year, Hubby was too tired to drive down town where the fireworks display will be held for the 4th of July celebration. This is my second 4th of July and still I can’t say or write much about the celebration because I didn’t have the chance to celebrate it, literally. Other than the cook-out and loads of barbequed sausages, chicken wings and veggies that we had earlier, my 4th of July, so far, is just a celebration to binge and gorge on food. I wasn’t able to feel the spirit of patriotism which I was really expecting because Hubby is not really a forth-of-July-kind of guy.

Well, Hubby hates the crowd. That is one thing that really spoils the fun. Every celebration we have here in the US, we only watch them on TV. He hates the traffic too. And that is another thing that messes up with the plan. Every important affair we have here in the US, we only read them on papers. As of this writing, Mainers are all in the field [at this very moment] watching the most awaited fireworks display (because I can hear the blasting sound right from our window)… and I am here writing this blog [and just imagining the fireworks in my mind] and Hubby is past snoring into a deep sleep away.

Oh well, maybe next year I will be able to talk him into it.

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