Monday, July 14, 2008

The long over-due honeymoon in Canada: Part I

Finally, we had our long over-due honeymoon in Canada last weekend. It was a long extended weekend of fun, enjoyable and relaxing rare moment with Hubby. Yes, after one year of being married to each other, we finally had our [official] honeymoon at Nova Scotia, Canada.

Well, Hubby is a busy guy. He hardly had break from work. So, after our wedding at the lighthouse last 7th of July last year (2007), he went back to work the following day because he needed to. I was not complaining though. We already talked about it. We both wanted something really memorable for our honeymoon so we just decided to forego the “practice” for a later date to give way to our priorities.

And so, we left home Saturday (5th of July) late afternoon to begin our 600+ miles, 10 hours drive journey across the border. We didn’t go straight to our honeymoon venue because our reservation was not until Monday (7th of July) so instead we spent a night at Bangor (one of the biggest Cities of Maine about 200 miles from the Canadian boarder). I drove from home to Bangor for 5 hours giving me more hours on my driving practice and more reasons for Hubby to rant whenever I made mistakes every now and then. We stayed at Comfort Inn hotel for the night and started driving off to Calais, Maine which is just across the Canadian border and where we will be staying again for the night.

The Comfort Inn Hotel where we stayed on the first night.

We reached Calais about noontime and we looked for a place to stay for the night [again]. Being in a new and unfamiliar place we rely solely on our GPS which to our horror is not that reliable at all. We missed lots of turns and get confused on some important points of interest because apparently the GPS is not updated and the satellite is sending the wrong information on it. Oh well, you have to do what you have to do when you are faced with this kind of dilemma.

St. Croix Bay separating mainland USA and Canada (which are the islands just across the bay)

After 50 miles of driving in circles we accidentally saw this tattered-almost-barely-readable signage that says – cottages for rent. Instinct guided Hubby towards that long and winding dirt road. Great! Just want we need again, another mistake! But Hubby kept on going with his what-the-heck attitude intact and I kept my usual flair in the same manner too. And out of the nowhere, a lush and amazing landscape unfolded before our eyes. We found ourselves at Birch Point right at the Cobscook Bay Cottages at Perry, Maine.

Cobscook Bay, the amazing view from our Seawall Cottage

The Seawall Cottage, where we stayed for the night.

The Hammock... I didn't get the chance to lie on.

The seawall at Cobscook Bay

The place was amazing. It was perfect for honeymooners. It was perfect for us. It was just perfect. Too bad, we already had a reservation at Nova Scotia otherwise we would have stayed there and enjoyed the sight, the sound and the serenity of the place. The place was indeed beyond our expectation. It was secluded and it was a nice getaway from the real world. The host welcomed us with warmth reception and utmost hospitality. Though, the cottages are for week-long renting only, the host let us stayed there for a night at a really great deal. We had a really good night sleep and woke up to a cool foggy Sunday morning by the sweet chirping sound of the birds. We left the place after breakfast and head on to Milltown Blvd. where we crossed the US-Canada Border.

The lighthouse at St. Croix Bay in Calais, Maine

The US-Canada Border of Maine, USA and New Brunswick, Canada.

And from there, we continued with the other half of our 600+ miles journey across the border and off we went to the next level of our honeymoon across the border.


maris and chin2 said...

how i wish i can go here!

Francine Ann said...

got you tagged here sis

Len Lambert said...

Awwww...nice place to visit! Glad to hear you had a nice time on your honeymoon, Ruthi!

nice said...

awesome the hammock,,ocean ocean alright,i miss it alot...

Angel in the Sickroom said...

I'm going to ditto the people above and say "awe... how nice!"

Hehehe. That is really so sweet going on a honeymoon like that and just enjoying each other's company.