Sunday, May 11, 2008

driving hubby crazy up Augusta, Maine

Yesterday, Hubby and I went for a long drive up to Augusta, Maine's capital city. When I say "long drive" I really meant it that way. I need to brush up on my driving skill because I need to get my Driver's License soonest. So everytime we need to go down to the store or run errand, I am always behind the wheel and behind my will, quite literally and figuratively.

Hubby is not always in the best of his mood everytime I'm behind the wheel. And yesterday, I really drove him crazy. I broke all the traffic rules there is and no hugs and kisses can cool down his head. What do you expect? I'm a first timer. Am I, really? Oh well, I learned to drive in the Philippines where there is only one traffic rule... dare if you can.

Anyway, these are the offenses that I did yesterday that might have caused my driving permit not only suspension but might have banned me from getting a real driver's license - beating the red light... driving 60 mph in a 50 mph speed limit or 40 mph in a 50 mph speed limit (either way I could have caused us or other motorists an accident)... not stopping in a STOP sign... swerving... forgeting to turn on the blinker when turning left or right... not yielding for other motorist when entering the highway... not looking in the side and back mirrors... and jamming the brake (this one is not about the traffic rule, it's more on the care of my new car).

I am guilty beyond reasonable doubt. But then, I have an alibi. I wasn't paying attention. (Nah, that's not a good one.) I thought it was OK to follow the car ahead of me. (Duh, the guy is breaking traffic rules too.) I'm new and I do need a practice. (Hmmmm... not too convincing.) I do make mistakes but now I learn my lesson and I know I will not do it again. Of course, people learn from their mistakes. I am not really proud of all the silly things I did but one thing is sure, I know those lessons will remain in my mind. I don't want to ruin my car... much less kill myself or end the lives of other innocent people.

A driver, once he is behind the wheel holds not only his own life but the lives of other people he finds along the way. And it is his responsibility to be a responsible driver. I have learned a lot of lessons from the mistakes and experience I had yesterday. Hubby was not really happy and "Patience" is not his middle name. I know I am a tough student to teach (maybe because I was a former teacher, does it make sense?) But then, I have to admit, I need to really focus and concentrate in my driving lesson. Life is always at stake everytime I go out and I have to be careful.

Well, tomorrow I will be driving again. But I am not worried anymore. I will be more careful now and all those mistakes I made will not be committed again. Promise.

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Darmamitra said...

hahaha, nice and funny! well, there is always the first time for anything. practices make perfect. take care and keep driving yah...