Monday, May 19, 2008

tick-ing... bugging... annoying...

Hmmmmmmm, it's another ordinary Monday. My step-son got into the bus with no struggle, resistance and opposition. The sun is out and the bugs are too. It is a nice day for my regular run but I hate bugs, they are always bugging me. (Duh!) They are too annoying and I just hate them. I guess the frogs in our backyard pond are not doing a great job. They supposed to be out catching bugs but then what are they doing? Just playing in the pond and croaking all night to my dismay. Oh well, I have no choice but to use my creativity.

Coming from a tropical country where bugs are as many as the country's population, I am aware of what they may cause me and my pocket. But even with the rising epidemic of dengue or malaria here and there, I was not even scared at all. Why should I? I had never caught one before. The mosquitoes are my friends and they don't bother me. Or perhaps, they are afraid to bite me. More so, they don't like the taste of my blood. Whatever.

Coming to Maine, I realized that bugs here are not familiar with me yet and they are more curious to know me than my next door neighbors. To my surprise, bugs really like me. They don't even bug my step-son... just me. Poor me. That's what I hate about spring and summer... the bugs! They like the taste of my blood. Those suckers... they scare the hell out of me!

But if there is anything that really scares me about bugs are the ticks. My hubby, my step-son and my mother-in-law all got bitten last year and they were under strict observation for fear of getting a lyme disease. They were all closely observed for any indication of bulls-eye rash , which is a common symptom of lyme disease.

Well, I really don't have any idea about lyme disease because I have never heard about it from where I came from. But what I know is that, I don't want to be bitten by tick, so I need to have my insect repellant all the time.

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