Wednesday, May 7, 2008

organizing blues

I have been planning it for weeks. The piles of of winter clothes on my dresser are beginning to be an eye sore if not an annoyance. I am not really a clean freak but, I just wanted to see, find and get the things that I need (e.g. lotion, razon, make-up kit, cotton, Q-tips and God-knows-what) in its places rather than digging them up from towering mountain of clothes that needs to be organized. Finally, I got the time and the guts to clear up my mess.

This is what spring is all about, so to speak. To clean up the mess. We started it last week. We raked the yard because the snow finally melted away. And the dried leaves from last fall were liberated from the frozen ground. Now, I got these bulky winter clothes that I need to organize and keep away and store in the cellar.

It's time to bring out our spring/summer clothes. Oh what a relief. I don't need to dress in layers anymore. And I don't have to have full load of laundry too. Isn't it lovely?

Oh well, next in line... organizing the cellar. When can I have a vacation?

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