Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm having fun Summer-ing!

This is a late post. I have lots of stories to tell about my summer but I was busy summer-ing, so bear with me. I will post all of them before summer is over. Promise!

I have 2 more weeks left of my summer vacation. In a couple of weeks I will be back to work and fun is over. Well, not really. I will surely have fun working with kids again. But working for 12 hours straight is really tough, so to speak. But it is what it is. I just want to spend the last few weeks of summer with my Sweetest doing some fun things.

The familiar School House in Byron, Maine near the Coos Canyon picnic park.

As a tradition, we went to Byron again for the Nth time. We have been going to Byron, Maine since I migrated here and it was like a tradition for us now. Doing it for 7 years, I kinda look forward going there every summer because for a "person of habit" it's in my summer system now. Summer will not be summer without spending a weekend in Byron.

So we went to Coos Canyon again. Camp for 2 consecutive weekends and yes, did some gold panning and prospecting.
 My Sweetest checking the sluice.
Panning the dirt.

I'm not a gold digger. My husband is. LOL He loves digging for gold or dredge for it, is the most appropriate term since he uses a dredge. My only role in this activity is to help him carry all his gadget to the river, cook our meal and eat.
I don't really like camping and gold panning. It's a lot of work and boring. Sometimes it can really be uncomfortable specially when we go hardcore. But what I really like about it is spending time with my Sweetest. And yes, I always get a nice breakfast because it's a tradition that he makes breakfast every time we go camping.

So what do I do when my Sweetest is dredging and I'm done cooking and eating?

I pick berries.
I look for butterflies and bugs.
I pick some wild flowers.

Explore the trail and enjoy the scenery around me.
Say "HI" and play paparazzi to people I see on the trail.

And of course, take a lot of photos.

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betchai said...

2 weeks for me too, but my first week back to school would just be class prep, no students yet. Enjoy the rest of your summer break Ruthi, and have a great school year ahead.