Tuesday, August 12, 2014

30 and Fabulous

Procrastination is my middle name. This is another post which is long over-due. My step-daughter's 30th Birthday was last January and it's only now that I got the time to blog about it.

I didn't do much on the party planning to be honest with you. It was in fact, her dearest and dedicated baby sister who did all the hard work - from organizing to venue reservation to sending invites to decorating and to keeping it a secret up to the last minute. She was amazing.
The only thing I did was made some personalized party favors - cute mini wine bottles wrapped in "30 and fabulous" colorful labels.
With the store-bought paper plates and napkin, I designed the labels of the little wine bottles in the same pattern. I bought two different kinds of wine: a chardonnay and a white zinfandel.
I also made a framed Birthday Greeting to match the party favors.
And yes, a birthday banner in "30 and fabulous" pattern.
The party was intimate. It was attended by immediate family members and a few closed friends.

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