Saturday, August 16, 2014

Camping with Fam Bam

The weather last weekend was really gorgeous so we took advantage of it. We spent it at Byron again. This time B joined us. Though it took a little convincing because B also knows that camping with Daddy means gold panning which means he will be bored all day waiting for him to be done with his thingy in the river. LOL
Our accommodation for the night.

 The Coos Canyon Wilderness Campground, our home away from home.
Father and Son making breakfast.

We left Friday afternoon so we can have the whole day Saturday exploring the river. But we ended up driving around Rangeley all day instead. Sweetest wanted to find another river to explore this time. It was kinda exciting because we were able to stop at a couple of scenic overlooks along the way.
B @ the Height of Land Scenic Overlook of The Mooselookmaguntic LakeM and B @ The Rangeley Scenic Overlook

The day was full of adventure if you consider being lost in the wilderness an adventure. We were trying to locate Cupsuptic River. We didn't find it until later that day. We drove around Cupsuptic Area and explored every dirt road we found. We stopped every now and then to do some metal detecting. It was for me a father-and-son moment.
Playing with the Metal Detector @ the trail where we got lost.

When we found the elusive river, B and I went on a little hike by the river. We stayed there for just an hour and just explored the river. B and I did a little hiking and he also took a little foot dipping in the cold river water.
 B testing the water.
B @ the trail by the Cupsuptic River

As for me, I aside from taking tons of pictures, I did what I always do when we are on the road... tailgate cooking.
 my kitchen
 my boys waiting for the ribs and chicken wings
still waiting

On our way home, we stopped again at the Height of the Land Scenic Overlook and played paparazzi to a couple getting married at the magnificent scenic overlook.
 And here are some of the photos I took that day.
 The breathtaking view of the Mooselookmaguntic Lake.
 The hidden beauty of Cupsuptic River.
A lovely pond along Route 17 in Oxford County.

The day was concluded by a couple scoops of ice cream at Rosie's.


betchai said...

love your kitchen on the road, aside from great views, you have great food :)

Cherry said...

Oh am geeeee! That's my dream family camping chu-chu. Looks like you guys had so much fun! Sama ako next time ha? :D