Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Seven, Seven, Seven, Seven

I don't do Math. I hate that subject when I was a student. But number "7" is very significant to me. My Sweetest and I got married on the 7th of July, 2007. Yesterday was our 7th year anniversary.
@Portland Head Light  - 07-07-07

I can't believe that we have been together for 7 years now. Time flies so quickly. And with that, I can say that the 7 years of adjustment and acceptance will have to go on and on.
@Nova Scotia, Canada - Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

We don't celebrate our anniversary like normal people do. Well, we used to but as years passed by, it seems that it's just like another day. Just like when you are having another birthday when you reach the age of denial. LOL
And this year, I just bought him a card from the store when I went to buy milk. I also threw in a box of cheap chocolate to make it fancy. wink* 

I think I'm having another Alzheimer's mode. I was having a hard time writing a personal letter to him like I used to. That is why, I just bought the card and this is what it said.
Well, this is pretty much what I want to tell him anyway. Everything that I feel and would like to tell him is already written up on a nice paper with drawing. It may not be very romantic like a personal note written from the heart but I know he did appreciate it.
 And as for me, I got two bouquets of flowers. I put them together in one vase.
And enjoying the sight of them from my window.

Dearest Sweetest,

Thank you for the 7 years of unconditional love. Thank you for the patience and the faith in me. Thank you for not giving up and continually trusting in the power of our love for each other. And most importantly, thank you for finding me.

Here is for another 7 years of bliss, of trials, of love, of devotion, of faith with each other. Let's just take 7 years at a time for our love for each other is 7 times 77.

I love you more than you ever know.

Your Sweetie.

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betchai said...

wow, you've found a perfect card for him, like the words were taken from your heart for sure.