Friday, July 4, 2014

Germaphobic Meets Hydroponic

I have issues with dirt. I bet I was the only kid (aside from my brothers) who never grew up playing in the mud. Well, my Mom was a "germaphobic" so we were not really allowed to get dirty.

Anyway, my Sweetest loves gardening. He loves growing vegetables even if he doesn't eat them. Yes, you got that right. He is a grower not an eater.

When I came here he wanted me to get involved in gardening. But being raised by a germaphobic, I can't get down on my knees and touch soil. He begs me every year to do gardening with him. But I just can't. The only help I can give him is to eat the produce which is very easy and yummy. LOL

This year, I finally decided to conquer my fear of dirt. I have bravely told him at the start of Spring that I will get involved in gardening and give up 100% of my germaphobic psyche to help him.

So, on impulse, I went to the store and bought all the tools I need for gardening and a cute watering can. I even got myself a pair of gloves, a hat (of course, because I'm scared of the sun too) and a rubber pad to protect my knees.
And this is what he came up with a garden. A hydroponic one.
So much for conquering my fear of dirt huh. Oh well, I guess this is not the day to face one of my greatest fear yet. LOL
So for now, I will just help him with this innovative garden of ours and enjoy the produce.

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betchai said...

cool :) never knew you are germaphobic, I am like Mike, I love soil, I find gardening very therapeutic, I would never exchange soil for a well polished nail :)