Monday, March 17, 2014

49 is the NEW 29

Time flies so quickly. I was a little preoccupied for the past couple of days with work and I totally forgot that my special day was coming. Yeah, I was having a little Alzheimer mode lately. 
So, I turned 29th a couple of days ago. There was no big celebration. It just so happened that there was no school that Friday so it felt really special that my birthday seemed like a holiday. But my Sweetest has to work.

So after I made him breakfast I drove to Medy's where my special breakfast was waiting. My BFF prepared a hearty breakfast and lunch for me. We hanged out the whole day and just watched Pinoy movies all day.

And yes, she even gave me a bracelet with my birth stone. It's indeed nice to have a friend. I love you BFF. Thanks for spending my special day with me.

After the last Ai Ai Delas Alas movie ended, I headed home where I found my Sweetest already home busy working on his new project (maple syrup making) while waiting for me because we planned to eat out that day instead of having a "to go".

We went to our favorite Chinese Restaurant and watched a movie after. Yeah, I watched 3 movies in one day. Hey, it was my birthday so don't judge me! LOL
The following day, I received a package from my dear cousin Joey in California with my ultimate comfort food - Red Ribbon  Mamon and  Ensaymada plus a scarf and gloves set and a bottle of perfume. And most importantly, I found out that another package from the Philippines is on its way to Maine. Thanks a bunch baby brother Japol. Seems that the Nikon D3000 that you gave me as early birthday present is not enough. Wink**

I have not celebrated my birthday since I moved here in Maine like I used to when I was in the Philippines because I don't now how to organize my own birthday. Or should I? And not a lot of people really know or maybe remember my birthday but I am happy that there are some important people who do care and remember my birthday. And for that I am happy to have them in my life. That was indeed one heck of a celebration.


betchai said...

happy 29th Ruthi :) glad to see you had such wonderful and meaningful 29th. :) so so love that picture collage of yours.

kulasa said...

Hayee RuthI!!! Hmmm the hearty breakfast from your BFF makes me want to devour my phone ajejejeje....guess what... I finally managed to deactivate my Facebook account... temporarily though so I could read more on my textbook and bloghop more... so please keep blogging so I could be updated on your beautiful life in Maine my you...