Sunday, March 2, 2014

My kind of Frozen

My supposedly second race for January 11th was cancelled due to an ice storm. And since the road condition was not safe they postponed it to February 15th. But here's the thing, I realized that I already signed up for a race in February and it was scheduled on the 16th. So I have 2 races for 2 days in a row that I need to deal with. Great!
There I was at the back with a green circle.

Well, that February 16th race didn't happen. My brother who was flying in from Los Angeles didn't make it on the 15th due to flight cancellation. I supposed to run with him on the 16th so since he didn't make it, I didn't make it to the race. Fair enough? No, it's an alibi. LOL

But  the 2nd Annual Winter West Frozen 5K did happen. I thought it won't happen again but good thing it did. I love it. The course was a mix of flat and up/down hills but manageable. It was a loop that started at Ash Street and ended up at Westbook's Maine Street.
I did fairly well despite the cold weather and lack of training. I made it to the finish line at 37:13.
 I ranked 15th in my age level and 60th out of 85 participants. Not too bad - just saying.
Though the result was not really that good considering that there was one who is older than me who finished 3 minutes ahead of me, I was still happy because I know that I only challenge myself and no one else. And for me to finish the race without a running nose is huge too. LOL.
Winter running is still my kind of race. The race was awesome and I plan to do it again next winter.

Photo Credits: Maine Running Photos .

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betchai said...

yey, congrats again, Ruthi. i actually think i could only run ( really long runs) in cold too, the same reason why we only hike when it is cool as well, and spend our summer vacations in colder places, as I have very low tolerance for heat, I get migraine. Khai on the other hand has higher tolerance for heat, but has very low tolerance for humidity. thus, summer vacations anywhere humid is almost impossible for us because he could not stand the humidity. whenever it is in 70s here, I jump for joy since I would be able to enjoy more the other things I love such as snorkeling and boogie boarding because it makes it tolerable to get out from chilly water in warmer temps. thus summer for me is strictly about waves, waves and waves, haha! i admire some people sometimes who are really training in heat, i wish i could do it.