Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Japol's Maine Adventure - Day One

After all the trouble that my baby brother caused me, I was still so excited to see him and show him around my "other" home - Maine.
@ Parsonsfield Seminary

He arrived about half an hour before midnight. Since the following day was a Monday and my itinerary for him was already messed up we just went home from the airport instead of driving straight to LL Bean which was the original plan if his flight wasn't cancelled the day before.

Anyway, Monday is officially considered as Day One of his Maine Adventure. We started with a hearty breakfast then we went to my Dentist appointment. LOL yes, you heard it right, my Dentist appointment is part of his itinerary. While I was having a blast with my hygienist Japol was strolling around Standish Main Street and taking a photo walk. 
with Medy @ Willowbrook in Newfield

Then, we drove straight to Porter to meet Medy.
From there, we visited several neighboring towns like Parsonsfield where he saw his first covered bridge.

Next, we drove to the Parsonsfield Seminary. Medy and I love this place in all seasons.
Then we went to Cornish, a small town famous for antiques.
After that we stopped in Limerick where Carroll Scenic View is. It has a great view of a pond surrounded by pine trees and little cottages.
And last on the list is Willowbrook in Newfield. This is one of my favorite places in Maine because it gives a taste of Maine in the 19th Century setting. Too bad it was closed during winter so my brother wasn't able to see the museums.
After so many stops for photo opps we headed home.
This was our first photo walk together and his first meeting with my BFF Medy. After that we went home with Medy so she can spend the night with us.
It was indeed my baby brother's nice first day in Maine. His first winter. His first U.S. trip. And our first vacation together out of the Philippines.

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betchai said...

i really admire your relationship with your brothers Ruthi, glad you both have fun and joined by your bff

kulasa said...

I remember your good friend Medy from our meet up tales. Whew am sure Japol had a grand time! :)