Sunday, April 27, 2014

Remote Party Planning

I'm back!!! Yes, I have been A.W.O.L for a long time, so what else is new? "I'm too busy" - is not just an understatement of my real predicament, it's the ultimate lie! Anyway, I just don't feel like blogging. I did make several attempts but inspiration was nowhere to be found. But now that I am back it only means one thing. I'm inspired!
Yes, I'd been busy event planning for my dearest cousin Joey's birthday celebration in Los Angeles, California. No, I didn't go to California. Oh, how I wish. I just organized her party remotely. And yes, there is such a thing. I organized her party with the aid of SKYPE.

Giving directions and bossing Joey around via Skype.

Joey decided on having a Yoga Birthday Theme. So Yoga Theme it is!
Photo Credit: Marni Rodil-La.
This was taken at the Yoga Studio which is the first phase of her celebration.

First, I designed her invites. I made several background designs and made her choose the one she like and tweak the theme around it. And this is what I came up with.
Then I made the other paraphernalia using the same design.
The banner.
The food name tags.
The water bottle wraps.
 The cupcake toppers.
The photo frames.
I also bought her some party favors. She loves nail polish so I thought, even it has nothing to do with Yoga... I made them. After I made them I thought "staying pretty" can also spring out of Yoga attitude, right? LOL
I got her some plates and silverware in her theme color too and made paper napkin ring wraps.
Then, I shipped the entire party thingies to LA. But it didn't stop there. Week before her birthday celebration, we decorated her house. We "skyped-decorated" her house. I had not clue how hard it was to do it. I wanted to jump right out into my kindle fire when she can't get my instructions, quickly. LOL

The Buffet Table

The Cake and Candy Bar Table

 Then, we finalized the decorations on the day of the celebration about 3 hours before she left for the Yoga session.
And this is the result.
Photo Credit: Marni Rodil-La

I so love event planning for my love ones. But this one is not like the ones I did in the past. This is so special not only because the celebrant is very special to me but because I have a total control of the whole event. wink* Joey is so trusting and she completely gave me freedom to put my ideas into reality. She did everything I asked her to do and even if I was having some menopausal tantrums, she didn't mind it. LOL She just followed my direction patiently and without complaints.
We transformed her entire apartment into a unique party venue. Aside from the main buffet table we have 3 different bars : the salad bar, the coffee and tea bar, and the candy and cake bar. We also have a special station for the party favors and message center. And each one of these stations will definitely have separate blogs in the future when I don't get busy or hormonal (whichever applies LOL).

Event organizing is my new thing. And throwing parties like this is indeed a good practice in case I want or need a change of career. wink* AND YES, JUST SO YOU KNOW, I HAVE DECIDED TO DO THIS FOR EXTRA INCOME (as of this writing)! WINK* So if you need help with your next party... you know what to do! I'm serious!

Anyway, after the party the first thing I did is to check my FB account for updates. That was all I can do to know if the party I planned was successful since I wasn't there to witness it. And with all the photos I got from her account, I am convinced that she did have a good time. And that's all the matters.

Happy Birthday Bunso! I love you more than you ever know.


Zenserly said...

Oh am gee!! you can get rich doing that -party organizing here! :) With that one-of-a-kind talent you got am sure many will request for your services!: ) include me in the list! Love everything here including the water bottle designs!!! Misssss youuuuuu.....

betchai said...

echoing Zen, Ruthi! What a talent you have! I-market mo na yan, please? If only I love parties, no doubt will I get you as 100% event organizer, whoa! love love everything here, and well, they are in pink too, haha!