Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Moon in New England

It’s zero degree this morning. That’s is so crazy. But not here in New England. It’s a normal thing. When you live in Maine, you deal with it. If you can’t live somewhere else. Go to Florida… or Vegas… or anywhere down south where the winter is milder.

Well, it’s zero degree this morning and I still have to go to work. The sky is clear, and the moon is bright. Yes, I saw the moon because it was still dark when I left home for work and it helped a lot in gaving some light on the road.

Now, the temperature climbed a bit… 1 degree… can’t still feel the difference. I just stayed inside the YMCA building... worked out… blogged… had lunch… and waited for the time until I had to be back on the road again to go to the site. Yay!

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